Surface finishes for high-precision plastic parts

Plastic coatings are designed to fulfil both decorative and functional purposes. A professional paint finish enhances any plastic surface visually, chemically and mechanically. Special protective properties and specific features can often be achieved with an extra coat. We’ll be happy to advise you!

Plastics –

Coating and protection

Every plastic (whether ABS, PUR or GFRP / CFRP compounds) needs a special coating system.
Profit from our expertise when it comes to plastic coatings.

The plastic coating process:

  1. Pre-treatment by cleaning, degreasing or flaming
  2. Priming with a suitable material adapted to the particular type of plastic
  3. Painting in the specified colours with a matte, glossy or textured finish – “you want it, we can do it!”

Benefits of coatings for the plastic surface:

  • Resistant to all kinds of fluids
  • Better resistance to abrasion and mechanical wear
  • More resistant to ageing in adverse environmental conditions
  • More attractive surface
  • A carefully balanced coating frequently results in new features being attributed to the plastic

As an experienced partner for plastic coatings, we are skilled at coating both thermoplastics and thermosets. Our expertise covers the vast majority of plastic parts in the automotive industry.

Typical substrates:

  • SMC
  • R-RIM
  • ABS
  • PC / PC-PET / PP / PP-EPDM
  • Any other common plastic
  • Many new materials

Possible coating systems:

  • Body colour
  • Contrasting colour
  • Three or four-coat systems
  • Glossy or matte finish
  • Customer-specific / non-standard
Lackierung von Kunststoffen in der Automobilindustrie

Coating examples

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