Über die Rathmayer GmbH

Rathmayr – Top quality since 1947

Our passion for precision and perfection is demonstrated with every assignment we undertake. Surface finishes in high-end quality – visual, tactile and functional.

To guarantee the best possible results for you, we put our trust in individual, product-specific solutions. That sometimes involves searching for the perfect composition that assures our customers are assured the optimum coating method offering the best value for money. In other cases, it means persevering where others leave off, for instance when a substrate or a coating composition is problematic.

By using water-based paints and materials with a reduced solvent content, we help restrict the burden on the environment.

The highest precision
and quality

The highest precision and quality from the very first coat. At Rathmayr, we live by this principle. Our core competency is coating and finishing complex surfaces.

Highest-level quality
In minimum time
konkurrenzfähige Preise
At competitive prices

Our company history –

Dedicated to surfaces since 1947


Company established

Alois Rathmayr sets up in business


Move to Stelzhamer Strasse in Passau / Auerbach

Following the acquisition of the new company premises, the first spray booth is built in Passau


Andreas Rathmayr (second generation) joins the firm

Construction of new paint shops for OEM coating of commercial vehicles


Rathmayr moves to Passau / Heining industrial park

Construction of Hall 1 for painting commercial vehicles


Construction of Hall 2 for painting passenger vehicles


Extension of Halls 1 and 2

Construction of new offices


Construction of Hall 3

A new paint shop is built for plastic coatings and Rathmayr moves into automotive OEM coatings


Introduction of ISO 9000


Major realignment takes place

Passenger and commercial vehicle coatings are discontinued and automotive OEM coatings expanded


Construction of coating line 1

Three-zone coating line for OEM parts and expansion of the incoming goods area


Construction of coating line 2

Andreas Rathmayr Junior (third generation) joins the firm. Two-zone coating line for OEM parts, expansion of the incoming goods area and construction of an assembly department


Implementation of a new, central plate supply unit for coating line 1


Rathmayr goes digital

A fully automatic robot grinding cell for large CFRP parts goes into operation and VDA-compliant ERP software is implemented


Film coating kicks off

Customized CFRP parts for limited-production vehicles become a reality


Expansion of the finishing areas

The Assembly department is enlarged


Introduction of a digital tally sheet

Q indicators are now available live and in real time!

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