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  • Quality assurance through in-process inspections using certified measuring instruments, e.g. for colour, gloss, coating thickness, etc.
  • Process safety and reliability through VDA-compliant processes
  • Traceability and documentation of project-specific process indicators

Quality policy –

8 quality principles

1. Adding value that customers will appreciate is our primary business objective alongside making the right economic choices to ensure our continued success in the marketplace.

2. We define customer satisfaction as follows: sound advice forms the basis for each customer to receive the right service in the required quality at the agreed time and at a fair price.

3. The pursuit of quality is fundamental for each and every one of us – from the Managing Director to trainees.

4. To us, quality means getting things right first time. Process quality lowers costs and increases efficiency.

5. Avoiding errors is better than fixing them. That’s why we make systematic use of proactive quality methods and tools. We learn from our mistakes and we make sure they don’t happen again.

6. We motivate our employees through a transparent information policy, by showing respect and courtesy and through regular training and further development opportunities, both internal and external.

7. Our policies and processes are founded on international standards and what our customers want as well as on our extensive expertise and experience. We achieve quality through our deep familiarity with these requirements, which we are careful to observe strictly.

8. We regard logical thinking and continuous improvement as essential to our success.

Download our certifications

ISO 9001 certification (English)


ISO 9001 certification (German)


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